The HighLine Indoor Aerial Obstacle Course!

Fun and Adventure in the air! You are hanging above the ground with nothing beneath your feet but a few swinging logs and ropes, your challenge is to complete the course without hanging on!

You will be fitted with a harness and secured to the safety track by an instructor and you are then free to play in the air and make your way over a series of swinging obstacles. And when you fall off, (which you will!!) the safety rail holds you until you are ready to climb back on and meet the next challenge. There are many different levels of challenges including

1 – Complete the course without falling off!

2 – Complete the course without hanging on to your harness Line

3 – Try to complete the course whilst blindfolded!


Please note: Parents are to ensure that at least one parent/ guardian remains on site while children are using our facilities // ratio of 1 adult per 4 children**

There is a minimum height restriction on the HighLine of 1.1Mtr

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